Corpul majoritatii femeilor se schimba dramatic in timpul sarcinii dar aceasta femeie a tinut sub control schimbarile cu ajutorul sportului.

Chontel Duncan e o pasionata de fitness si celebritate pe Instagram, unde posteaza fotografii si clipuri video din timpul antrenamentelor. De cand a ramas insarcinata, Chontel posteaza saptamanal cate o fotografie cu evolutia sarcinii, pentru a arata cum o ajuta exercitiile zilnice de fitness sa ramana in forma.

„Nu imi vine sa cred cati oameni se cred doctori si cat de usor le vine strainilor sa critice o femeie insarcinata. Pentru o femeie, sarcina e o decizie uriasa. Cred ca merit respect pentru efortul de a-mi mentine rutina zilnica in timpul sarcinii”, le-a spus ea celor care o critica si spun ca antrenamentele ii pot dauna bebelusului.

Iata cea mai recenta fotografie postata de ea pe Instagram, la 37 de saptamani, pe 9 martie. Ce parere ai?

BUMP UPDATE ? 37 weeks…. Only 21 days to go ? Well well Little D you have caused quiet a commotion, you are most certainly making your entrance into this world noticeable. But seriously „what a week” ? did not expect that, can not believe how many people are apparently doctors, how easily people can slam a pregnant women, but more importantly how INCREDIBLE absolute strangers are. I don’t think there are any words that could describe just how humbled I am to see absolute strangers support my lifestyle, pregnancy, my unborn child & give me the respect I think I deserve for putting in the effort to maintain my habits whilst pregnant. For a women to consider falling pregnant is a HUGE decision it’s a permanent decision, not just the physical demands, the risk, but you’re preparing to sacrifice your very being to be this little persons everything for as long as you live. Then there’s conceiving, you couldn’t feel more pressure if you tried, it’s extremely difficult for so many women, I am extremely grateful I fell first go, but I am close to so many whom have struggled greatly. Now you’re pregnant the physical changes, the tests & the realisation that it’s happening is prominent. What if you’re told at 12 weeks your child is at great risk or what if you miscarry ? it’s emotionally hectic!!!! You get through all that & you know that from here on out what you feel emotionally the baby will feel, you know what you eat the baby will eat & you know that your physical health will impact the babies as he/she develops within. You make everyday the best so at the end of the journey you can hold your head high I know that you brought this little person up the best possible way you could… You realise that school did NOT set you up to understand child birth or how to prepare for a child, so you walk into this overwhelming world of preparing for parenthood. So much to learn… ? BUT wait then there’s critics, well in my case a lot of them. They pick and pull you apart, I had ppl at the beginning excited to see me blow out, see me quit at my career because apparently it’s not possible to do both… TO CONTINUE READING HIT THE LINK ? IN MY BIO (Wearing @aimn.oceania)

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